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general playlist music store dsp rva
General Playlist Music Store DSP Playback RVA
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metadata cdda cddb inet appearance
Metadata CD Audio CDDB Internet Appearance
SVG source SVG source SVG source SVG source SVG source

ms store - music store branch
ms artist - artist branch
ms record - record branch
ms track - track node
ms cdda - cd audio branch
ms cdda disk - cd drive node (disk inserted)
ms cdda no disk - cd drive node (no disk)
ms podcast - podcast node
ms podcast feed - podcast feed node

ocean skin
aqualung-play-1 aqualung-stop-1 aqualung-pause-1 aqualung-next-1 aqualung-prev-1 aqualung-pl-1 aqualung-fx-1 aqualung-ms-1 aqualung-repeat aqualung-repeat_all aqualung-shuffle
plain skin
aqualung-play-2 aqualung-stop-2 aqualung-pause-2 aqualung-next-2 aqualung-prev-2 aqualung-repeat aqualung-repeat_all aqualung-shuffle

drag and drop
menu arrows (for homepage)
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logo with transparency

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